is a tool that allows users to automate repetitive tasks in spreadsheets by utilizing artificial intelligence. It offers features such as text summarization, formula generation, categorization, and more. review 2023:💡Use Cases|🌟Features|👍Pro|👎Cons review 2023:💡Use Cases|🌟Features|👍Pro|👎Cons

💡 Use Cases

  • Automating spreadsheet tasks
  • Generating formulas in plain English
  • Extracting specific parts of text
  • Writing text with the help of AI
  • Summarizing text into bullet points

💡 Features

  • Use ChatGPT right inside your spreadsheet
  • Prompt ChatGPT using the =AI() function
  • Teach AI to perform repetitive tasks with the =INFER() function
  • Write text with ChatGPT using the =WRITE() function
  • Generate formulas using plain English descriptions
  • Get explanations for complex formulas in plain English

💚 Pro

  • Saves time by automating spreadsheet tasks
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for interacting with AI
  • Offers various functions to handle different types of tasks
  • Generates formulas accurately based on plain English descriptions
  • Provides explanations for complex formulas, aiding understanding

❓ Faq

What is is a tool for automating tasks in spreadsheets using artificial intelligence.

Can I use on my mobile device?

No, is only available for desktop usage.

What functions does provide? offers functions for prompting ChatGPT, teaching AI with examples, writing text, generating formulas, and explaining complex formulas.

Are there any limitations to the free tier?

Yes, the free tier has token and character limitations for ChatGPT inputs and outputs, as well as formula generations.

Is there a pricing plan for higher usage limits?

Yes, offers monthly subscription plans with increased token and character limits for ChatGPT inputs and outputs, as well as formula generations.


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