A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping
Pricing: Freemium
Type: Music

A.V. MAPPING is an AI-powered platform that helps creators find music and sound effects quickly and easily. It offers various features for matching video and images to music, finding music based on preferences, and generating music and sound effects from text. The platform also facilitates collaborations between AI and creators for web3 concerts. Additionally, A.V. MAPPING provides profit sharing, customized pricing, non-exclusive contracts, non-training licenses, and transparent transactions.

💡 Use Cases

  • 📹 Video and Images to Music: Find the perfect match music and sound effects by analyzing the uploaded video and images.
  • 🎵 Music to Music: Discover music similar to your preference based on emotion, genre, musicality, and reference music.
  • 📝 Text to Music & SFX: Generate music and sound effects by inputting text, scripts, plot summaries, or cue sheets.

💡 Features

  • 📹 Upload or Drag your Video/Photo: Easily upload or drag and drop your video or photo files for analysis.
  • 🎵 Find the perfect match music & sound effects: Utilize AI algorithms to understand the content of the uploaded video and images and find suitable music and sound effects.
  • 📝 Generate music and sound effects from text: Input text, scripts, plot summaries, or cue sheets to create music and sound effects.
  • 🔀 World’s first AI-led competition web3 concert: Collaborate with AI in web3 concerts held in metaverse locations like LA, US, and Taipei, Taiwan.
  • 💰 Profit sharing: Benefit from profit sharing opportunities when collaborating with AI.
  • 💲 Customized pricing: Enjoy customized pricing options for the services provided.
  • 🚫 Non-exclusive contract and non-training license: Flexible terms with non-exclusive contracts and non-training licenses.
  • 💎 Transparent transaction: Ensure transparency in transactions and services provided by A.V. MAPPING.

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