Pricing: Free
Type: Code Assistant, Developer, Life Assistant

AgentGPT is a platform that allows you to configure and deploy Autonomous AI agents. You can name your custom AI and define its goal, and it will work towards achieving that goal by performing tasks, learning from the results, and adapting its behavior.

🤖 AgentGPT Use Cases

  • PlatformerGPT 🎮: Write code to create a platformer game.
  • TravelGPT 🌴: Plan a detailed trip to Hawaii.
  • ResearchGPT 📜: Create a comprehensive report on the Nike company.

🚀 AgentGPT Features

  • Configurable AI Agents: You can name and define the goals of your custom AI agents.
  • Task Execution: The AI agents will think of tasks and execute them to achieve their goals.
  • Learning and Adaptation: Agents learn from the results of their tasks and adapt their behavior accordingly.

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