Pricing: Paid
Type: Sales
Starts: $49/m

AI Ads offers radically improved PPC ad performance using Artificial Intelligence. It provides expertly designed advertising campaigns and high-converting landing pages that are constantly monitored and fine-tuned by AI to reduce costs and increase conversions.

🚀 Use Cases

  • Reduce costs and increase conversions: AI Ads helps businesses optimize their PPC ad performance, resulting in cost reduction and improved conversion rates.
  • Expertly designed campaigns: AI Ads creates advertising campaigns that are designed to perform well and attract the perfect customers.
  • High-converting landing pages: The AI-powered system develops landing pages that are specifically designed to attract and engage the target audience.

🌟 Features

  • Tell us about your business: Users can provide information about their business goals and advertising budget, and AI Ads will develop a high-converting landing page tailored to attract the perfect customer.
  • Connect your Google Ads account: AI Ads researches keywords with high commercial intent and builds a Google Ads campaign while giving users complete control over their budget and account permissions.
  • Let the magic happen: The performance of both ads and landing pages is automatically optimized by AI, ensuring optimal results.
  • Join the waitlist: Users can sign up for the waitlist to be the first to take advantage of the launch offer, priced at just $49 per month.

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