AI Experiments

AI Experiments
Pricing: Free
Type: Fun Tool, Research

Explore Google’s latest experiments in Labs and be an early tester of limited-availability experiments. Discover new ways to use Google products with AI, provide feedback to drive innovation, and shape the future of technology.

ūüí° Use Cases

  • Google Search:¬†Try experimental and AI-powered ways to explore information right in Google Search. Help shape the future of information.
  • Google Workspace:¬†Unlock new ways of working with AI in Google Workspace. Connect, create, and collaborate like never before with generative AI experiences.
  • Project Tailwind:¬†Supercharge learning and ideation with an AI-first notebook that is grounded in the information you choose and trust.
  • MusicLM:¬†Use AI to turn your words into music. Describe a musical idea and hear it come to life.
  • Google AI:¬†Discover Google’s approach to developing and harnessing the potential of AI, and stay updated with the latest AI news from Google.
  • Google Research:¬†Explore innovative research across various domains, challenging conventions and reimagining technology for the benefit of all.
  • Meet Bard:¬†Collaborate with Bard, a creative and helpful assistant, to boost your imagination, productivity, and bring your ideas to life.

ūüí° Features

  • Be an early tester:¬†Gain access to limited-availability experiments and try out cutting-edge technologies.
  • Try new experiences:¬†Experience how AI offers innovative ways to use Google products.
  • Provide your input:¬†Share your feedback to help Google learn, improve, and innovate.
  • Join waitlist:¬†Sign up to join the waitlist for upcoming experiments and AI-powered experiences.
  • Help shape the future of information:¬†Contribute to shaping the future of information by trying experimental features in Google Search.
  • Connect, create, and collaborate like never before:¬†Unlock new possibilities in collaboration with generative AI experiences in Google Workspace.
  • Supercharge learning and ideation:¬†Utilize Project Tailwind’s AI-first notebook to enhance learning and ideation processes.
  • Turn words into music:¬†Describe your musical ideas and hear them come to life using AI-powered MusicLM.
  • Stay updated with the latest AI news:¬†Discover Google’s approach to AI development and keep up with the latest AI news from Google.
  • Explore innovative research:¬†Dive into groundbreaking research conducted by Google researchers across various domains.
  • Boost your imagination and productivity:¬†Collaborate with Bard, a creative and helpful assistant, to enhance your creative process and productivity.

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