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Type: Music
Starts: $10.34

AnthemScore is a software for automatic music transcription that uses AI to convert audio files into sheet music or guitar tabs. It offers features such as automatic note detection, easy correction, time-saving options, customization for different instruments, and advanced editing capabilities. The software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with a free 30-day trial and a one-time purchase option.

Use Cases

  • Music transcription
  • Sheet music creation
  • Guitar tab generation
  • Music editing and arrangement


  • 🎵 Automatic note detection: The software uses machine learning to detect and arrange notes into measures automatically.
  • 🖊️ Easy correction: Add or remove notes by dragging a slider or right-clicking, and fine-tune specific regions.
  • ⏱️ Save Time: Copy and paste sections of notes, tap downbeats to set measures, and slow down playback without changing the pitch for difficult sections.
  • 🎻 Customize for your instrument: Choose from various instruments to auto-format sheet music in the correct key, range, and staff. Save in different formats like PDF, musicXML, or MIDI.
  • 🎚️ Advanced editing options: Change time signature, key signature, or tempo for any measure, add triplets, insert or remove measures, and adjust the number of beats.
  • 🆓 30-day Free Trial: Download and try AnthemScore for free with access to all features. Switch between Lite and Professional editions during the trial to compare them.
  • 📚 Editions available: AnthemScore 4 Lite, Professional, and Studio, each offering different features and benefits.

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