Arcwise AI

Arcwise AI
Pricing: Free
Type: Productivity, Spreadsheet

Arcwise AI – GPT Copilot is a Chrome extension that leverages AI technology to assist users in explaining, transforming, and ingesting data in Google Sheets through text commands.

🔧 Use Cases

  • Simplifying Data Manipulation Arcwise AI helps users streamline data manipulation tasks in Google Sheets using natural language text commands.
  • Data Transformation The extension enables users to easily transform and modify data in Google Sheets without the need for complex formulas or manual editing.
  • Data Ingestion Arcwise AI allows users to import and integrate data from various sources into Google Sheets, making it convenient to work with diverse data sets.
  • Enhanced Explanation Users can leverage the AI-powered capabilities of Arcwise AI to obtain explanations and insights about their data directly within Google Sheets.

🔧 Features

  • Smart Text Commands Arcwise AI understands natural language commands, making it intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Efficient Data Manipulation The extension enables quick and efficient data manipulation tasks, enhancing productivity.
  • Seamless Data Integration Users can easily import data from different sources and integrate it into Google Sheets.
  • AI-powered Insights Arcwise AI leverages AI technology to provide explanations and insights about data, aiding in decision-making.
  • Enhanced Collaboration The extension promotes collaboration by allowing users to work with data together in real-time within Google Sheets.

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