Pricing: Paid
Type: Art
Starts: $2.99

🤖 Create highly realistic and expressive avatars with Artguru’s AI Avatar generator. 🎨 Choose from various avatar styles, including nostalgic art, cyberpunk city, and more. 📸 Customize your avatar by selecting gender, styles, and uploading photos. ⏱️ Generate up to 100 avatars at once with automatic image enhancement. 💬 Get answers to FAQs and access the AI Avatar generator via Artguru’s app.


  • 🤖 Experience highly realistic and expressive avatars with our advanced AI model.
  • 🎨 Select your favorite style from dozens of AI avatar options.
  • 📸 Collect 6 to 30 selfies showcasing different expressions and backgrounds for accurate avatars.
  • ⏱️ The AI model swiftly generates avatars, and pricing details are available.
  • 💬 FAQs cover topics like avatar creation for any person and time required for generation.
  • 📱 Download the Pica AI Magic Avatar App to access Artguru’s AI Avatar generator.

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