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Assembo AI
Pricing: Free Trial
Starts: $16.99/m

Assembo AI is an innovative tool that allows users to create captivating product marketing photos using AI-generated backgrounds. It offers fast results, an affordable subscription plan, premium services, and an easy-to-use interface. By using Assembo AI, businesses can stand out from the competition, save time and money on professional photo shoots, appeal to a wider audience, and increase engagement and conversion rates.

📸 Use cases

  • E-commerce platforms: Enhance product listings with eye-catching images to attract more customers and increase sales.
  • Social media marketing: Create attention-grabbing visuals for social media posts to engage and connect with the audience.
  • Advertising campaigns: Develop captivating product images for advertisements to drive brand awareness and conversions.
  • Website design: Incorporate high-quality product photos with unique backgrounds to create visually appealing websites.
  • Print materials: Generate compelling visuals for brochures, catalogs, and other printed materials to leave a lasting impression.
  • Product presentations: Showcase products in a visually stunning way during presentations to captivate the audience.
  • Influencer marketing: Provide influencers with impressive product images to promote products effectively.


  • ⏱️ Fast results: Generate AI-generated product marketing photos in just 1 minute.
  • 💰 Affordable subscription plan: Access captivating product backgrounds at an affordable price.
  • 🆙 Premium services: Upgrade to the premium plan for additional features like different angles and human or pet models in product photos.
  • 🖥️ Easy-to-use interface: Simply upload the product image and let the AI handle the rest.
  • 🎯 Boost engagement: Attract more customers and increase engagement with attention-grabbing, high-quality product images.
  • 🚀 Stand out from the competition: Utilize unique, AI-generated product backgrounds to differentiate from competitors.
  • 💡 Save time and money: Avoid the need for professional photo shoots by using the affordable subscription plan

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