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Audioshake Ai
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AudioShake is a platform that allows users to upload their music tracks and extract stems and instrumental versions for various purposes such as sync licensing, sampling, remastering, remixing, and re-imagining.

🎵 Use Cases

  • Sync Licensing: AudioShake provides the technology used by major labels, publishers, distributors, music supervisors, and sync licensing companies to obtain stems and instrumental versions of songs for licensing purposes.
  • Sampling: Artists and producers can extract stems from existing tracks to create new compositions or incorporate elements into their own music.
  • Remastering: Users can separate individual elements of a song, such as vocals, bass, drums, and others, for the purpose of enhancing or modifying specific parts of the original recording.
  • Remixing: With AudioShake, DJs and producers can isolate specific elements of a song to create remixes or alternative versions.
  • Re-imagining: Artists have the flexibility to transform existing songs by extracting stems and manipulating them to create unique interpretations or covers.

🎧 Features

  • Upload: Users can easily upload their music tracks in various formats, including mp3, wav, flac, aiff, aif, mp4a, and m4a.
  • Stem Separation: AudioShake automatically separates the uploaded song into its constituent stems, allowing users to access individual elements such as vocals, bass, drums, and others.
  • Download Stems: Once the stems are separated, users can conveniently download them for further use.
  • High-Resolution Support: For optimal results, AudioShake recommends uploading tracks in high resolution to ensure the best quality for stem extraction.
  • Fast and Easy: The platform offers a user-friendly interface and efficient processing, making the stem and instrumental creation process quick and straightforward.
  • Used by Industry Professionals: AudioShake’s technology is trusted and utilized by major labels, publishers, distributors, music supervisors, and sync licensing companies in the music industry.
  • Featured In: AudioShake has been featured in various media outlets, demonstrating its recognition and adoption within the industry.

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