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Type: Productivity

🤖 Instant AI automation for your team across 1000+ applications.


  • 💼 Customer Support Manager: Saved 2 hours/week by changing customer data.
  • 💼 HR Manager: Saved 8 hours/week by importing applicant data into ATS.
  • 💼 Sales Manager: Saved 5 hours/week by writing customized outreach emails.
  • 💼 Operations Specialist: Saved 7.5 hours/week by entering order data.
  • 💼 Supply Project Manager: Saved 8 hours/week by creating order tickets.
  • 💼 Operations Executive: Saved 15 hours/week by updating CRM and ERP data.

Get your time back in 3 simple steps

  1. 📅 Book a demo: Understand how automation can add value, discuss challenges and use cases.
  2. 🛠️ Connect your tools: Get ready to automate and set up solutions.
  3. 🚀 Automated freedom: Ensure fast time to value with support for your first automation.

Use Cases

  • 📥 Enter Data: Move data in the right format between applications with one click, eliminating errors.
  • 📝 Create Text: Generate lead lists, create Jira tickets, and transfer data seamlessly.
  • 🔄 Compare: Move data from spreadsheets to ERP and explore +1000 more use-cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ❓ How does onboarding work? Lean and short process, with automation available in a few days.
  • ❓ Can we test the automated assistant? Yes, a 30-day trial is available for new customers.
  • ❓ What’s the difference from UiPath or Automation Anywhere? Fast and affordable automation for attended processes, working with all common applications without deep technical integration.
  • ❓ Can I use automated without web extensions or applications? Specific solutions can be found for different setups.
  • ❓ What applications do you support? All applications, including web-based and soon-to-be desktop applications and proprietary ones.
  • ❓ How does the automated assistant work? Record your task, our AI assistant asks questions, and the automation is built for you.
  • ❓ How can I get in touch if I have problems? Contact your account manager or use the enquiry form.

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