Pricing: Freemium
Type: Customer Support, Email Assistant, Sales
Starts: $3.3/mo

AutoResponder is a versatile messaging app that sends automatic replies to your favorite messengers. It offers a wide range of features to customize your automatic responses and can be connected to various platforms and services.

💬 Use Cases

  • Efficient Business Communication: AutoResponder allows businesses to automate replies to messages received through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Signal, Viber, and other popular messengers. This saves time and reduces manual workload for businesses that receive a high volume of messages.
  • Personal Messaging Management: Users can set up custom rules and responses for different types of messages, ensuring that important contacts receive prompt replies even when they are busy or away.
  • Out-of-Office Replies: With just one setting, AutoResponder can send out-of-office replies to let people know you’re unavailable and when you’ll be back.

🎯 Features

  • Automatic Replies: AutoResponder sends automatic chat replies to your favorite messengers individually, using a variety of options to tailor the responses.
  • Unlimited Messages: Users can create as many custom rules for different messages as they need, ensuring that each message receives an appropriate and timely response.
  • Connectivity Options: AutoResponder can process messages with a web server, enabling integration with platforms like ChatGPT/GPT-4 or Dialogflow AI. It can also trigger custom actions using Tasker.
  • Popular Messenger Support: AutoResponder covers a wide range of popular messengers, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger (including Marketplace and FB Page), Instagram, Telegram, Signal, and Viber.

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