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Type: Code Assistant, Developer

Bifrost is a platform that simplifies the design-to-development process by allowing designers to create in Figma and automatically generate clean code for developers to review and implement. It empowers designers to make changes without relying heavily on engineering resources.

🎨 Use Cases

  • Design Handoff: Bifrost facilitates seamless handoff of designs from Figma to developers, eliminating the need to learn new tools or face lock-in.
  • Code Generation: With a single click, Bifrost converts screens and components into clean code that can be directly used in Visual Studio Code.
  • Effortless Updates: Design updates can be automatically shipped without requiring extensive engineering efforts, empowering designers to make changes independently.

🚀 Features

  • No Learning Curve: Bifrost integrates with Figma, ensuring designers can continue using the tools they are familiar with and love.
  • Code Generation: Bifrost generates clean code that can be easily reviewed and implemented by engineers.
  • Seamless Handoff: The platform simplifies the process of handing off designs to developers, eliminating the need for manual communication and translation.
  • Efficient Iteration: Bifrost allows designers to iterate quickly by making changes without compromising the development process.
  • No Lock-in: Users are not locked into Bifrost, providing the freedom to explore other tools and workflows if desired.
  • Automated Updates: Design changes can be automatically shipped, reducing the need for engineers to prioritize them and saving valuable development time.
  • Empowering Designers: Bifrost empowers designers to take ownership of their designs by enabling them to make updates independently.

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