Pricing: Freemium
Type: Life Assistant, Social Media
Starts: $10/mo

Birdy is a tool that helps optimize your Twitter profile by using A/B testing to determine which profile version is most effective at converting visitors into followers and driving website clicks.

💬 Followers

  • Your Twitter profile acts as a gateway for potential followers.
  • Use Birdy to enhance your profile and increase engagement, ultimately converting more visitors into followers.

💻 Website Clicks

  • Adding UTM tags to the links in your bio can provide valuable insights into which profile version is driving the most traffic to your site.

📊 A/B Testing

  • Use A/B testing to make informed decisions about your Twitter profile.
  • Test multiple elements of your profile at once or focus on a single component to see how it impacts your profile’s effectiveness.
  • Test your Bio, Location, Website, Banner, Profile Picture, and Name to remove the guesswork when optimizing your profile.

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