Pricing: Paid
Type: Marketing

Brainfish is an AI-driven customer service platform that provides instant and relevant answers to customer questions by analyzing help articles. It aims to improve customer support experience, automate support requests, and enhance the quality of help articles.

✨ Use Cases

  • Immediate answers: Customers can effortlessly access immediate answers to their queries without spending hours searching through product documentation.
  • Self-service support: Most customers prefer self-service support and want quick answers without the need to contact support teams.
  • Specific solutions: Customers expect direct and specific solutions to their questions.

✨ Features

  • Automated customer support: Brainfish automates over 50% of support requests, saving countless hours for support teams.
  • Article builders with suggestions: Enhance your content game with smart article suggestions to build accurate and informative documentation.
  • Discover untapped customer needs: Gain valuable insights into customer gaps and identify topics that are in demand or need improvement.
  • Write in any language: Brainfish supports content creation in multiple languages, making it suitable for global teams.
  • Easy onboarding: Get started with Brainfish in under 5 minutes by easily adding new and existing articles.

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