Pricing: Freemium
Type: Marketing, Sales, Social Media
Starts: $10/m

BrandBird is an image editing tool designed to help SaaS founders and content creators create visually engaging graphics with minimal effort, even if they have no design skills. It offers various features such as easy-to-use presets, customization options, 3D effects, annotations, mockups, and watermarks. Users can upload any image, including screenshots, and transform them into eye-catching visuals for social media posts, newsletters, and more.

💼 Use cases

  • Transforming screenshots into beautiful social media posts
  • Creating graphics for Twitter and landing pages
  • Adding backgrounds, 3D effects, mockups, and other elements to designs
  • Highlighting features and making points clear with annotations
  • Maintaining consistent branding with watermarks

💡 Features

  • Easy-to-use presets: Customize graphics with presets that require only a few clicks.
  • 3D effects: Rotate images in three-dimensional space to create stunning visual effects.
  • Annotations: Add arrows, emojis, headings, rectangles, and more to annotate images and highlight features.
  • Mockups: Wrap images on real device mockups to enhance their professional appearance.
  • Watermarks: Create and apply consistent watermarks to keep visual content on-brand.
  • Streamlined editing process: Make changes to designs quickly without dealing with complex elements like frames and layers.
  • Suitable for non-designers: Enables SaaS founders and content creators without design skills to create engaging visuals easily

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