Pricing: Free Trial
Type: Code Assistant
Starts: $68/m is an AI-powered app generator that allows users to create fully responsive web apps with just a description, eliminating the need for coding. It offers a no-code editor, generates functions based on app descriptions, provides free hosting, and allows users to export the code. With, app development can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution.

đź’ˇ Use Cases

  • Rapidly create web-based tools, games, and more without coding.
  • Develop fully responsive web apps by simply describing what you want.
  • Create customized apps based on specific functionalities.

đź’ˇ Features

  • No-Code Editor: Easily make tweaks and changes to your app without any coding required.
  • Function Generation: Simply list what you want the app to do, and will generate the necessary functions.
  • Free Hosting: Host your app for free, and share it with others in the gallery (coming soon).
  • Code Export: Export the generated code to have full ownership and control over your app.
  • Fast Development: Develop a web app in as little as 10 minutes, saving time compared to traditional development methods.
  • Cost-Effective: Avoid the high costs of hiring a developer, which can typically amount to $15,000 for a single app.
  • AI Power: leverages the power of GPT4 (ChatGPT) to provide advanced AI capabilities for app generation and editing

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