Captions Ai

Captions Ai
Pricing: Freemium
Type: Video Editing is an all-in-one AI-powered creator studio app that simplifies the process of creating and editing videos with automatic transcription, captioning, and clipping features. It offers an easy and convenient way to enhance your video content without the need for separate editing apps.

💬 Use Cases

  • Record: Easily capture videos up to a minute long or in short segments with just a tap.
  • Caption: Watch as your words magically appear on screen with super accurate captions timed to your voice.
  • Customize: Change the color and style of your captions, move them around, and even add word-activated stickers for creative expression.
  • Clip: The built-in editor automatically cuts out dead space, stitches clips together, and creates seamless videos without the need for separate editing apps.
  • Share: Save your creation to your phone or directly post it to popular social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

🎥 Features

  • Record: Capture videos effortlessly without the need for typing. Just speak to the camera, and the app takes care of the rest.
  • CAPTION: Enjoy word-by-word captions synchronized with your voice for engaging video content.
  • EYE CONTACT: Adjust your video after recording to create natural eye contact with your audience, avoiding the need for reading off a teleprompter.
  • Multiple languages: Add captions in any language, as the app supports every language in the world.
  • Script writer: Get assistance in writing your script and perfecting your tone-of-voice with AI-powered smart tips.
  • Idea Generator: Generate fresh ideas for your next video using the app’s AI-powered creative engine.
  • Lip-synching: Easily correct mistakes or changes in subtitles, and let the smart lip-dubber handle the adjustments without re-recording.
  • Use your dynamic island as a teleprompter: Display your scripts where you need them, making it easy to read and record your videos.
  • Skip the pro mic with Studio Sound in 3D: Utilize AI-powered background noise removal and dynamic head tracking for a realistic, surround-sound experience.
  • Clip: The app’s built-in editor automatically trims out unnecessary parts, such as “ums” and awkward pauses, making your videos ready to share.
  • Customize: Use creative tools to make your videos visually appealing. Change colors and text styles, drag captions to desired positions, and automatically add stickers based on what you say.

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