Pricing: Freemium
Type: Design Assistant
Starts: $9.99

Chat2Build is a web app that allows users to effortlessly design, code, and deploy their dream website by simply chatting with AI. It simplifies the website creation process by handling domain, hosting, and coding complexities, making it accessible to users without any coding knowledge.

Use Cases

  • Revolutionize the way websites are built
  • Effortlessly create a stunning website layout by chatting with AI
  • Organize and manage website content without manual coding
  • Easily integrate favorite tools and services for enhanced functionality
  • Simplify the website creation process
  • Edit and update websites after they are built
  • Request custom features for personalized website design


  • 🤖 Effortless Design: Create stunning website layouts by chatting with AI.
  • 📊 Content Management:

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