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  • ❤eEhyQx4: Likes face, glasses, short hair, eyes, nose, mouth, villain, thief.
  • ❤Lippman: Likes face, bright blue hair, big blue eyes, face tattoo with the number 7+ on the left side, teenage (18+), rebellious, independent, punk rock attitude.
  • ❤Carter E…3: Likes grizzled handsome Mid 40s male who looks like a mix between Chris Hemsworth and Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • ❤Carter E…1: Likes face, square jawline, grizzled, strong, prominent brow line, dark brown hair with a tinge of gray, green eyes, similar to Keanu Reeves and Chris Hemsworth, an adventuring warrior in a medieval world.
  • ❤GAMETOP1: Likes negro, wrinkles, round head, bags under eyes, blue eyes.
  • ❤Alam Mah…2: Likes face, dark brown eyes, black hair, round facial structure, youthful look with a focus on the nose, eyes, and jawline, Bangladeshi man.
  • ❤Giri Sou…2: Likes face, Angelina Jolie-like, youthful, prominent cheekbones, deep-set eyes.
  • ❤10855987…3: Likes face, yellow skin, female, elegant, hypnotic psychedelic art by Dan Mumford.
  • ❤Zhonghua…2: Likes ultra-quality, wild frame, female from Europe, cycles rendering, face, sea, swallow me, (blue and pink palette), (printing style), over paint tech.
  • ❤abdulmoq…1: Likes face, wise old man, wrinkles, gray hair, long white beard, glasses, calm and patient personality, Morgan Freeman., wrinkle, elegant, golden ratio, angular, youthful, anime-style, kiddo, femme fatale, Studio Ghibli, rap tattoo.
  • ❤Bogo Chi…2: Likes Joaquin Phoenix.
  • ❤nofly6: Likes face, young, attractive, white, oval, pointed chin, long face, prominent nose, long wavy brown hair, thin and long eyebrows, brown eyes, medium size, thin lips, attractive smile, tall and slim, resembling Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway., anime-style.
  • ❤huggingf…4: Likes face, little girl with mask.
  • ❤18292488…1: Likes elderly, white woman, white skin, thin eyebrows, thin lips, wrinkles, heart-shaped face.
  • ❤18292589…1: Likes elderly, black man, black skin, bald, thick eyebrows, deep wrinkles, square face shape.
  • ❤18292536…1: Likes middle-aged, white man, white skin, bushy eyebrows, thin lips, goatee, acne scars, long face shape.
  • ❤He Li2: Likes face, dog, black, blue, Shih Tzu.
  • ❤Arc Apad…2: Likes an 18-year-old Persian boy with black hair and tired eyes with a Zappa beard.
  • ❤天天开心4: Likes face, large nose.
  • ❤Tewelde …2: Likes an Eritrean 30-year-old male with an afro, mustache and goatee, hyper-realistic, anime-style, youthful, golden ratio.
  • ❤wefWEWFE…6: Likes face, Anya Taylor-Joy, anime-style.
  • ❤huggingf…4: Likes face, Joker.
  • ❤halkarni…2: Likes face, oval-shaped, almond-shaped eyes, dark brown/black, thick eyebrows, without dark circles, prominent and slightly arched nose, well

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