ChatGPT For Search Engines

ChatGPT For Search Engines
Pricing: Free
Type: Chat, Search Engine

The website offers a range of features and use cases for the ChatGPT language model. It provides code syntax highlighting, various trigger settings, a dark theme, popup and standalone page options, and the ability to ask anything anywhere. Additionally, users can right-click to send selected text as a prompt.

🔍 Use Cases

  • Active On Search Engines: ChatGPT is available to provide information and assistance on search engines.
  • Social Media Ad Text: Generate compelling ad text for social media to drive traffic to your website or landing page.
  • YouTube Video Topic Idea: Get inspiration for your next YouTube video topic.
  • Product Description: Create clear and persuasive descriptions for your products.
  • Real Estate Listing: Attract potential buyers with a detailed and compelling real estate listing.
  • Instagram Captions: Easily generate captivating captions for your Instagram posts.
  • Discount or Special Promotion: Spread the word about your special offers on social media and make your brand shine.
  • Write Blog Outline: Kickstart your writing journey by generating an outline, conducting research, and accessing resources for your blog.
  • Coupon Discount Email: Grab your audience’s attention with a promotional email and boost your sales.

🔥 Features

  • Code Syntax Highlighting: ChatGPT’s responses include syntax highlighting for code, making it easier to read and understand technical information.
  • Trigger Settings: Choose how to trigger ChatGPT, including options like always, manually, or with a question mark.
  • Dark Theme: The extension provides a dark theme for those who prefer a darker interface.
  • Popup and Standalone Page: ChatGPT is available as a popup window within your browser or as a standalone page.
  • Ask Anything Anywhere: Ask ChatGPT anything, anytime, from anywhere within your browser.
  • Right Click: Right-click to send selected text to ChatGPT as a prompt.

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