ChatGPT in Google Sheets

ChatGPT in Google Sheets
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Two Minute Reports (TMR) is a data analysis and visualization software that automates report generation and provides valuable insights. It integrates with popular platforms like Google Sheets and offers customizable reports to match your brand’s style.

🔍 Use cases

  • 📈 Automate human Insights: Use TMR to automate report generation and create human-like summaries with insights, recommendations, and next best actions based on data analysis.
  • 🔍 Accelerated Insights: Extract valuable insights from various data sets in Google Sheets and ask TMR for recommendations, insights, and problem identification to automate decision making.
  • 📊 Advanced Predictive Analytics: Leverage TMR’s sophisticated algorithms for forecasting and trend analysis. Provide specific requirements to generate predictive models that optimize business outcomes.
  • 😃 Sentiment Analysis: Utilize TMR’s natural language understanding to gauge customer sentiment in reviews, social media posts, or survey responses. Identify patterns and trends to inform marketing and customer service strategies.
  • ⚠️ Anomaly Detection: TMR efficiently detects anomalies within datasets, highlighting potential issues or opportunities. Receive alerts for irregularities, enabling proactive decision-making.
  • 📃 Text Summarization: TMR condenses lengthy documents, articles, or reports into concise summaries, preserving the most relevant information. Automate the summarization process for easier digestion and sharing.
  • ⌚ Time Series Analysis: TMR analyzes time series data, identifying trends, seasonality, and cyclical patterns. Optimize forecasting, inventory management, and resource allocation using this capability.
  • 🔍 Association Rule Mining: Leverage TMR to uncover relationships between variables within transactional data. Identify frequent itemsets and association rules for product recommendations and targeted promotions.
  • 💡 AI Sidekick: Use TMR’s native integration with Google Sheets to solve various knowledge work challenges directly within the platform.
  • 🔄 Integration with BI Platforms: TMR integrates with BI platforms like Google Sheets and Looker Studio, offering automated reporting, data integration, customization options, and a secure infrastructure for your reporting needs.

🔧 Features

  • Automated Reporting: TMR generates reports automatically, saving time and effort. Schedule reports to be sent to your team or clients regularly.
  • Battle tested by Millions of Users: Developed with billions of investments by Google, TMR offers robust capabilities and a secure infrastructure.
  • Data Integration and more: TMR integrates with ChatGPT and over 30+ marketing platforms, allowing you to analyze and visualize your data in the BI platform of your choice.
  • Customizable Reports: Tailor TMR reports to match your brand’s look and feel. Add your company logo, choose color schemes, and customize the layout.
  • Automated Reporting: TMR generates reports automatically, saving time and effort. Schedule reports to be sent to your team or clients regularl

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