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Type: Research
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Chatwithpdf is a ChatGPT plugin tool that enables users to load and query PDF documents using ChatGPT. It offers semantically search capabilities, information extraction, and easy accessibility.

🔍 Use cases

  • Research and analysis: Users can efficiently search and analyze PDF documents for relevant information.
  • Academic studies: Scholars and students can extract data and insights from PDFs to support their research.
  • Knowledge retrieval: Chatwithpdf allows users to retrieve specific information from PDFs based on their queries.

⭐ Features

  • Semantically search: Users can perform searches based on the meaning and context of their queries.
  • Information extraction: The tool processes PDF documents and matches queries with relevant extracted information.
  • No installation required: Chatwithpdf is readily available as a web-based tool, eliminating the need for installation.
  • Plugin integration: Users can add Chatwithpdf as an unverified plugin in the “Plugin Store” of the ChatGPT UI.
  • Efficient document analysis: The tool enables users to efficiently search, analyze, and ask questions based on PDF content

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