Checkfor Ai

Checkfor Ai
Pricing: Freemium
Type: Productivity, Research

CheckForAI is an AI detection tool that helps identify content generated or edited by artificial intelligence. It offers various use cases in areas such as search engine optimization, education, and personal/business communication.

💡 Use Cases

  • Identify content with high risk for penalization: CheckForAI helps users identify articles that may be AI-generated or at risk of being flagged by search engines and publishers.
  • Help find ChatGPT generated essays, homework assignments: The tool enables educational institutions to identify student work written similarly to AI, restoring trust in the authenticity of assignments.
  • Detect AI-generated content in personal/business life: CheckForAI assists individuals and businesses in determining whether content, such as summary reports or generic emails, is genuine or generated/edited by AI.

💡 Features

  • Free detection model: CheckForAI offers a free detection model based on OpenAI’s Roberta-Base model, combined with their proprietary AI implementation.
  • Text, file, and document analysis: The tool allows users to analyze various types of content, including text, files, and documents, to identify AI-generated or edited content.
  • Insight into genuine content: CheckForAI provides valuable insights into which content is authentic and not generated by AI, aiding in decision-making and trust-building.
  • Easy signup process: Users can sign up for CheckForAI and start analyzing content today.
  • Feedback and support: The platform encourages users to provide feedback and make requests to improve their services. Support can be reached at or

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