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Test every corner of your app with AIChecksum, an automated testing tool that generates and maintains end-to-end tests based on user sessions. Save time in development, ensure comprehensive coverage, and ship with confidence.

💡 Use cases

  • Comprehensive Testing: AIChecksum’s ML models are trained on your production sessions to provide full coverage, ensuring that every aspect of your app is thoroughly tested.
  • No Maintenance Required: The AI automatically adapts the tests to code changes and flakiness, saving you from the hassle of manual maintenance.
  • Time-Saving: Spend less time writing tests and more time shipping your app by leveraging the auto-generated tests.
  • Integration within Minutes: AIChecksum offers easy integration with your existing infrastructure, with automatic and privacy-centric data collection.
  • Open Source Frameworks: Run tests using popular frameworks like Cypress or Playwright, giving you total control over the testing process.
  • Instant Bug Detection: Identify bugs and issues instantly, preventing them from causing significant disruptions in production.
  • CTO’s Testimonial: “Having a testing suite that provides instant feedback and tests every flow of my app just makes my team faster. Less firefighting, faster code reviews, and frequent deployments.” – CTO, Ketch

💡 Features

  • Auto-generated Tests: AIChecksum automatically generates and maintains end-to-end tests based on user sessions, allowing you to move fast without breaking things.
  • Save Development Time: By using auto-generated tests, you can save months in development time and enable your team to focus on other critical tasks.
  • Privacy-centric Data Collection: AIChecksum ensures automatic data collection while maintaining privacy and data security.
  • Thorough Testing: With ML models specifically trained on your production sessions, AIChecksum offers comprehensive testing coverage.
  • Confidence in Code Quality: Ship your app with confidence, knowing that it has been thoroughly tested using AIChecksum.
  • Integration-Friendly: AIChecksum’s integration process is quick and seamless, allowing you to start leveraging its testing capabilities within minutes.
  • Bug Detection Efficiency: Detecting and resolving bugs during coding is faster, preventing potential delays that may occur if they are discovered in production

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