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Type: Gaming
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The provided URL redirects to a website dedicated to a chess plugin for ChatGPT. The website allows users to play chess against ChatGPT by copying and pasting moves into a ChatGPT session or using an API key.

🎮 Use cases

  • Chess enthusiasts: Players who enjoy playing chess can use this plugin to play against ChatGPT, either for entertainment or practice.
  • ChatGPT users: Individuals who use ChatGPT can engage in a game of chess using the plugin as a way to interact with the AI.

⚙️ Features

  • User-friendly interface: The website provides a simple and accessible interface for playing chess against ChatGPT.
  • Move input options: Users can choose to copy and paste their moves into a ChatGPT session or use an API key for a more seamless experience.
  • Client-side processing: All game-related activities occur on the client side, ensuring data safety and privacy.
  • Compatibility with GPT-3.5: The current version of ChatGPT (GPT-3.5) can be used to play chess, although the gameplay may have some limitations.
  • Open-source code availability: The code for the plugin is openly accessible, although it may be in a rough and ready state.
  • YouTube channel: The creator of the plugin has a YouTube channel where you can find more information and possibly related content.
  • Patreon support: If users appreciate the plugin and its functionality, they have the option to contribute to the creator’s Patreon for further support

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