Pricing: Paid
Type: Blogging, Developer, SEO
Starts: $30/M

ClickSEO is the best CTR bot on the traffic bot market allowing your website to receive real organic clicks to boost SEO rankings. Used for CTR manipulation, the results are visible after 4 weeks of use. CTR is the #4 most important ranking factor for SEO, and with ClickSEO, it can be run in auto pilot!

ūüíľ Use Cases

  • CTR Manipulation:¬†Boost organic traffic and enhance search engine rankings by manipulating click-through rates.
  • Geo-Targeted Traffic:¬†Generate organic traffic from specific locations to cater to target audiences.
  • Campaign Statistics:¬†Monitor website position for optimized keywords with real-time reports.
  • Smart Settings:¬†Control all aspects of SEO organic clicks through customizable settings.
  • Increase Dwell Time:¬†Improve SEO signals by extending visitor time on the website, with options up to 5 minutes.
  • Outrank Competitors:¬†Claim to outrank competitors in less than 60 days, gaining relevant organic traffic.
  • Affordable Plans:¬†Various subscription plans cater to different needs, starting from a free trial to business and agency options.

ūüöÄ Features

  • Automated Traffic Bot:¬†Set up SEO projects quickly with an automated traffic bot.
  • +170 Locations Available:¬†Choose from over 170 locations for geo-targeted organic traffic.
  • Real-Time Campaign Reports:¬†Receive real-time reports on website positions for targeted keywords.
  • Unique and Relevant Clicks:¬†Ensure all generated organic clicks are unique and relevant to the website.
  • CTR Impact on SEO Rankings:¬†Emphasize the importance of CTR in influencing search engine rankings.
  • Free Trial Available:¬†Start with a free trial to experience the impact on website performance.
  • Affordable Subscription Plans:¬†Various subscription plans to suit different budget and usage requirements.

ūüĆź Pricing

  • $30/month:¬†Basic plan with 30 tokens.
  • $50/month:¬†Standard plan with 60 tokens.
  • $90/month:¬†Premium plan with 120 tokens.
  • $130/month:¬†Ultimate plan with 180 tokens (Most Popular).
  • $250/month:¬†Solo plan with 400 tokens.
  • $350/month:¬†Team plan with 600 tokens.
  • $450/month:¬†Business plan with 800 tokens (Most Popular).
  • $900/month:¬†Agency plan with 1800 tokens.

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