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Unleash Your Creativity With Clipdrop – The Free AI Art Tool in 2024

Clipdrop is a revolutionary ai-powered tool that allows anyone to easily create stunning visuals and digital art. With clipdrop, you can unleash your creativity and design beautiful images in seconds. In this clipdrop review, we’ll explore everything this free ai art generator has to offer and why you should be using clipdrop in 2024.

Clipdrop is an ai image generation tool that helps you create amazing images, videos, and even 3D scenes using artificial intelligence. It’s one of the top ai tools available today, offering user-friendly ai-powered creation tools for professionals and hobbyists alike. With clipdrop, you can generate digital art, upscale images, stabilize videos, uncrop photos, replace backgrounds, remove objects, and more!

What Is Clipdrop and How Does It Work?

Clipdrop utilizes cutting-edge ai technology and diffusion models like Stable Diffusion to power its features. At its core, clipdrop is a visual AI API that allows you to build ai-powered creation tools.

It offers plug-and-play ai tools to help you edit images and videos, upscale by 2x or 4x, convert text prompts to images, remove backgrounds, restore and upscale vintage photos, stabilize video, and more.

Clipdrop’s free cloud platform allows millions of users to access these ai capabilities through an easy-to-use interface. Simply upload your images or enter a text prompt, and clipdrop’s ai goes to work generating unique visual content.

Why Use Clipdrop in 2024 For AI Art Creation?

There are many great reasons to use clipdrop to create ai art and visuals in 2024:

  • It’s free! Clipdrop offers a free Generative AI API with limited usage. This allows anyone to test it out.
  • Simple and easy to use. Clipdrop has an intuitive interface that makes ai art creation accessible.
  • Cutting-edge ai technology. Clipdrop utilizes state-of-the-art diffusion models to generate stunning images and videos.
  • Great features. From image upscaling to text-to-image, clipdrop provides all the tools you need.
  • Quick results. Generate ai art and edits in seconds with clipdrop’s high-powered AI models.
  • Available anywhere. Use the web platform or mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Clipdrop’s Key Features For AI-Powered Creation

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the key features clipdrop offers to help you easily create stunning visuals and ai art.

Image Upscaling

Instantly upscale images by 2x or 4x resolution. Clipdrop uses AI to intelligently scale up images while preserving quality and adding realistic details for stunning results.

This is perfect for upscaling old low-res photos or increasing the size of images for large print or display.

Stable Diffusion Image Generation

Use text prompts to generate unique AI art, images and photo-realistic pictures powered by Stable Diffusion, one of the most advanced diffusion AI models available today.

Let your imagination run wild by describing any visual you dream up and Clipdrop’s AI will generate it for you.

Background Removal

Quickly remove photo backgrounds with clipdrop’s one-click background remover AI. Eliminate busy backdrops or change the context of your images in seconds.

The background removal also intelligently separates hair, fur, and other complex edges for a clean extraction.

Video Stabilization

Upload shaky videos shot on your phone and clipdrop will stabilize them using AI. The algorithm smoothens out camera shake, translating to gimbal-like stabilized footage.

This allows you to salvage blurry phone videos and get smooth, pro-quality results.

Uncrop Photos

Clipdrop’s AI uncrop feature enlarges images and adds back missing sections removed by cropping. It fills in the extended space with realistic extrapolated photo details.

Revive cropped old photos and add back the missing pieces with clipdrop’s innovative AI uncrop.


Adjust the mood and lighting of photos with the relight feature. Remove shadows, create spotlight effects, simulate sunrise/sunsets and more with easy AI-powered relighting.

The AI relighting capabilities open up new creative possibilities for portrait photographers and content creators.

Object Removal

Erase unwanted objects like powerlines, signs, people, piercings, and more from images with a single click. Clipdrop’s object removal AI will seamlessly inpaint over any undesired subject while maintaining a natural look.

Perfect for cleaning up product photos or removing photobombers from your selfie!

Photo Restoration

Clipdrop contains AI photo restoration capabilities to fix damaged, blurry, or low-quality images. It can upscale, reduce noise, restore information, and enhance details.

Breathe new life into old, blurry, cropped family photos and vintage images with Clipdrop’s photo restoration AI.

Text-to-Image Generation

Turn text prompts into AI generated images with ease. Describe a visual idea and clipdrop will materialize it for you with its advanced text-to-image AI models.

Generate unique AI art, comic panels, book covers, visual concepts and more from your textual descriptions.

Gigapixel AI

Clipdrop offers a limited amount of free Gigapixel AI image upscaling every month. This allows you to enlarge images up to x20 the original resolution while preserving quality.

Upscale small images massively for giant print sizes with clipdrop’s Gigapixel AI feature.

As you can see, clipdrop provides innovative AI-powered tools to elevate your visual content. Let’s now dive into how you can put these features to use in your creative projects.

Use Cases: How To Unleash Creativity With Clipdrop

Here are some examples of ways you can leverage clipdrop’s AI creation capabilities:

  • Graphic designers can upscale and enrich logo designs, create concept images from text, and clean up visuals.
  • Photographers can relight portraits in creative ways, uncrop old film photos, and remove objects from images.
  • Artists can turn text prompts into unique AI generated art to use as inspiration or a starting point.
  • Bloggers can create AI art for articles, generate images from post titles, and upscale images for social media.
  • Advertisers can remove backgrounds from product photos, retouch images, and stabilize video ads.
  • Students can revise visual class projects by upscaling, relighting and restoring images.
  • NFT artists can use AI to imagine and generate unique NFT artwork.
  • Writers can turn descriptions into comic panels and book cover images.

The possibilities are endless! Anyone needing to quickly edit, update, or ideate visual content will find clipdrop’s AI tools invaluable.

Clipdrop Review – Our Verdict

In our testing, we were seriously impressed by clipdrop’s capabilities. The AI-generated images, upscaled photos, video stabilization, and object removal worked remarkably well.

The interface is also slick and easy to use. Simply upload media or enter text prompts to instantly kick the AI into action. Results render quickly, usually in under a minute.

While not 100% perfect, the visuals were convincing enough to be useful for creative projects, productions, and content creation. And the fact it’s free to try makes clipdrop a no-brainer for experimenting with AI creation.

We predict clipdrop will become an essential online tool for all types of artists, creators, and businesses in 2024 and beyond. The AI unlocks new creative possibilities that simply weren’t accessible before.

We highly recommend trying clipdrop to see how it can help you generate visual content faster and unlock new creative possibilities using the power of AI.

Get Started With Clipdrop’s Free AI Tools

Ready to start creating with Clipdrop? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to or install the iOS/Android apps to access the free AI tools. No account needed.
  2. Upload an image or video to enhance and edit with the AI features.
  3. Enter a text prompt to generate new AI art and images powered by Stable Diffusion.
  4. The AI goes to work in seconds processing your inputs and delivering polished results.
  5. Download your new AI generated visuals.

With clipdrop’s free credit, you can generate up to 25 images and use the other tools like photo upscaling, stabilization, object removal and more.

Sign up for a Clipdrop account to get more free monthly credits and unlock the full potential, like Gigapixel AI upscaling.

Unleash Your Creativity in 2024 With Clipdrop!

We hope this clipdrop review has shown how you can leverage leading AI like Stable Diffusion to elevate your visual content and unlock new creative possibilities.

In 2024 and beyond, tools like clipdrop will become essential platforms for artists, creators, marketers and businesses as AI generation goes mainstream

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