Pricing: Paid
Type: Summarizer
Starts: $3.95/m

ClipGPT is a bookmark and note-saving platform that utilizes the capabilities of GPT-3.5. It focuses on privacy and social interaction, organizing bookmarks by topic and providing AI-generated summaries and labels for easy retrieval.

📎 Use cases

  • Save and organize bookmarks quickly and efficiently: ClipGPT allows users to save and categorize bookmarks in an organized manner.
  • Discover new bookmarks from your social connections: The platform offers community features, enabling users to follow friends, favorite labels, and explore bookmarks shared by their social circle.
  • Use AI to generate summaries and labels for easier retrieval of bookmarks: ClipGPT employs AI technology to generate summaries and labels for bookmarks and notes, making it easier to locate and retrieve specific content.

📎 Features

  • Interactive Interface: ClipGPT provides an interactive interface for managing bookmarks, notes, and Markdown, ensuring a dynamic user experience.
  • Community Features: Users can connect with friends, follow their bookmarks, and explore content from their social circle, enhancing social interaction and discovery.
  • Versatile Bookmarking: ClipGPT supports various bookmarking options, including audio transcriptions and image bookmarks with GIF support.
  • Privacy Controls: Users have full control over their profile and bookmark privacy settings, ensuring their data remains secure and protected

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