Pricing: Paid
Type: Life Assistant
Starts: $199.99/mo

Mighty Media LLC offers generative AI services for processing and generating various types of media. They provide a personalized service called Mighty Media, which includes content discovery, watching, recommendations, reviews, and more. The service is available through the website, user interfaces, and apps, and it can be accessed through different membership options.

Use Cases

  • Processing and generating various kinds of media using AI technology.


  • πŸ“ Membership options: Mighty Media offers subscription-based memberships, one-time purchases, and free-to-use access.
  • πŸ†“ Free trials and free cancellation: First-time users have the option to start with a free trial period or free cancellation, allowing them to use the service without payment or claim a full refund within a specific time frame.
  • πŸ’³ Billing, payments, and cancellation: Membership fees and other charges are billed on a monthly/yearly basis to the user’s chosen Payment Method. Users can update their Payment Methods and authorize charges on associated accounts. Cancellation is possible at any time, and there are no refunds or credits for unused membership periods.
  • 🌍 Payment processing: Payments are processed in US Dollars, and additional fees may apply depending on the Payment Method used.
  • ❌ Failed AI generations: In rare cases where AI models fail to produce satisfactory output, users can contact customer service to claim a refund, which may involve rerunning the models, requesting improved source media, or receiving a full refund.
  • πŸ’― 72-hour Risk-Free refund for subscriptions: Subscribers who request a full refund within 72 hours of subscribing and meet the criteria (using less than 1/10th of the included subscription volume, first-time subscriber) are eligible for a refund.
  • πŸ“„ Service Agreement: Users must be 18 years old or of legal age to use the Mighty Media service. The service is for personal or professional use only and cannot be shared with others. Users are granted a limited right to access and view Mighty Media content.

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