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The Coding Rooms Review for 2024 – Everything You Need To Coding Rooms

Coding Rooms is becoming an increasingly popular platform for teaching and learning programming in 2024. This comprehensive review looks at everything coding rooms offers – from features and pricing to pros, cons, and user reviews. Read on to find out if Coding Rooms is the right real-time online coding education platform for your coding rooms needs this year.

With virtual and hybrid learning on the rise, many schools and bootcamps have adopted coding rooms as their platform for teaching programming online and in-person. Coding Rooms provides an interactive live coding environment with built-in audio/video conferencing, screen sharing, collaborative editing, and more. This makes it easy to deliver engaging coding education without hassle.

But is Coding Rooms the best choice for your coding rooms needs in 2024? How does it compare to competitors? What do users think about the platform? This detailed Coding Rooms review looks at all aspects to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Overview of Coding Rooms Key Features

Coding Rooms is a real-time coding education platform designed for teaching computer science curriculum and programming online. It provides all the tools necessary for a brand new learner to begin coding without hassle. Here are some of the main coding rooms features:

  • Live Coding Environment – The code runs on a robust Linux container, allowing you to view projects as a web app, desktop app, or even build desktop programs using Visual Studio Code.
  • Video Conferencing – Fully integrated audio and video conferencing allows for live lectures from a single platform.
  • Collaborative Editing – Students can work collaboratively in small groups or as a class online.
  • Smart IDE – The coding rooms IDE supports real-time code execution, debugging, github integration, custom bash script testing, and more.
  • Live Dashboard – Track student involvement in real time and pinpoint which kids require the most attention.
  • Course Content – Easily create and deliver interactive coding education with coding rooms’ curriculum builder and content library.

These powerful features make coding rooms a leading platform for teaching programming online and in-person. But how does it stack up for your specific coding rooms needs?

Coding Rooms for Schools and Universities

For educational institutions, coding rooms provides all the tools to easily scale coding education. The live coding dashboard allows teachers to provide support to every student throughout the entire class at the moment they need help.

The platform is great for teaching computer science curriculum, AP computer science principles, game development, data science, and more. It works for standard classes, after-school programs, camps, and vocational training classes.

With coding rooms, educators can teach python coding, Javascript, Java, C++, and other languages from a single platform. No more switching to different IDEs or lesson plans based on language. The collaborative environment also mimics real-world software team workflows.

For administrators, coding rooms integrates with popular LMS systems like Canvas and Google Classroom for easy rostering and grading. It provides unbiased reviews and oversight of student progress and participation. This allows for data-driven curriculum improvements.

Overall, coding rooms provides everything needed for K-12 schools and universities to teach coding and computer science at scale. The all-in-one platform, content library, smart IDE, and analytics lead many to choose coding rooms as the backbone of their computer science program.

Coding Rooms for Coding Bootcamps

In addition to traditional education, coding bootcamps have also adopted coding rooms for their developer training and enablement.

The platform allows bootcamp instructors to provide live support and feedback as students code in real time. For example, identifying bugs and improvements in student projects on the fly during class.

Coding rooms also facilitates an interactive peer-to-peer learning environment. Students can easily screen share their work, collaborate on projects, and learn by doing together.

The integrated tools help simulate a real-world work environment, which better prepares students for jobs. Students learn professional software workflows for collaborating, code reviews, debugging, and more.

Overall, coding rooms streamlines curriculum delivery and live teaching for bootcamps training the next generation of developers. The breadth of features and flexible pricing plans make it a great fit for bootcamps of all sizes and business models.

Coding Rooms Pricing and Plans

Coding Rooms offers several pricing tiers suitable for different needs:

  • Basic – $20 per month per organizer. Best for small teams.
  • Standard – $149 per month for up to 300 students. Ideal for most classes.
  • Pro – $249 per month for up to 1000 students. Best for larger programs.
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing for organizations with thousands of students.

Lower-priced academic, nonprofit, and multi-year discounts are also available.

For the features included, Coding Rooms offers competitive pricing versus alternatives like Codio and Cloud9. The Pro plan, in particular, gives you tremendous value with support for up to 1000 students at $249/month.

They also offer flexible month-to-month contracts. This allows you to ramp usage up or down each semester or bootcamp cohort. No long-term commitments required.

Coding Rooms Course Content and Curriculum

In addition to the platform, Coding Rooms provides a library of high-quality curriculum content and projects. This makes it easy for teachers to build out their syllabus and course materials.

The content spans computer science topics like:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Game development
  • Web development
  • Data science
  • Linux
  • and more

The courses include slides, quizzes, projects, assignments, solution code, and teaching instructions. You can use the content as-is or easily customize it to your needs. No more starting from scratch.

For those looking for a complete computer science program, this course content is a huge time saver. It allows educators to focus on teaching rather than curriculum development.

Coding Rooms also allows instructors to share and sell their own curriculum through the platform marketplace. This provides an added monetization opportunity for experienced teachers.

Coding Rooms Integrations

Coding rooms integrates with top education tools like:

  • Canvas LMS
  • Google Classroom
  • GitHub
  • Jupyter Notebooks

It also offers a powerful API and LTI integration for connecting with your other edtech platforms or internal systems.

These integrations allow for seamless rostering, assignment distribution, grading, and more. Coding Rooms smoothly fits into your existing teaching workflow rather than forcing an overhaul.

Coding Rooms Reviews: What Do Users Think?

Coding Rooms has over 500 reviews on popular software review sites. It averages around 4.5/5 stars.

Here are some examples of real coding rooms user reviews:

“Coding Rooms has become our central platform for teaching Python and web development. Being able to collaborate and code in real-time has been a game changer!”

“As an after school coding club teacher, I love the live dashboard for monitoring student progress and participation. Makes learning more interactive and fun for the kids.”

“We switched our entire computer science program to Coding Rooms last year. The platform, curriculum content, assessments, and analytics provide everything we need. Our coding enrollment has doubled as a result.”

“Coding Rooms has amazing features for the price. We evaluated many competitors and nothing else came close for our budget.”

The majority of reviews highlight the collaborative coding environment, course content, easy onboarding, and knowledgeable support as standout features.

Most negative reviews focus on minor software bugs or certain limiting platform restrictions. However, Coding Rooms seems very responsive to customer feedback and quickly resolves reported issues.

Key Takeaways and Recommendation

After reviewing the platforms main features, use cases, content library, pricing, and user reviews – here are the key takeaways:

  • Coding Rooms provides a robust set of tools to teach coding and computer science online or in-person. The live coding environment and integrated communications make classes more interactive.
  • The platform scales well for usage from small teams up to thousands of students. Flexible pricing plans accommodate different organization sizes and budgets.
  • Extensive course content and curriculum enables quick onboarding. Educators can leverage existing materials rather than building from scratch.
  • Coding Rooms integrates nicely with existing edtech platforms and workflows. No need to force teachers and students to an all-new toolset.
  • Users highlight collaborative coding, course content, and support as major benefits. Average reviews are excellent across the board.

Overall, Coding Rooms is a leading choice for interactive coding education in schools, universities, bootcamps, and workforce training programs. The breadth of features, flexible pricing, content library, and positive user reviews make it a great fit for most coding classrooms needs.

Unless you require very specialized functionality, Coding Rooms provides everything you need for engaging, effective coding education. We recommend considering Coding Rooms as a top contender for your live online coding environment in 2024 and beyond.

Summary of Key Coding Rooms Benefits

To recap, here are some of the main benefits and reasons to choose Coding Rooms for your coding education needs:

  • Interactive live coding environment
  • Built-in video conferencing for engaging instruction
  • Collaborative editing and peer learning opportunities
  • Powerful real-time IDE to code any language
  • Content library to quickly build curriculum
  • Integrates with leading education platforms
  • Usage scales from small teams to enterprise
  • Competitive and flexible pricing models
  • Rave reviews from hands-on users

Give Coding Rooms a try today to see why leading schools, bootcamps, and teams use it as the centerpiece of their computer science program in 2024 and beyond.

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