Pricing: Paid
Type: Image Editing
Starts: $ 99.99/mo

📜 This text outlines the Terms of Use for Mighty Media LLC, covering various aspects of their generative AI services and membership plans.

💼 Use Cases

  1. Membership Plans: Explains different membership options, including subscription, one-time purchase, and free trials/cancellations.
  2. Billing and Payment: Details payment methods, fees, and the consequences of failed payments.
  3. Refund Policy: Describes procedures for claiming refunds, including failed AI generations and a 72-hour risk-free refund for subscriptions.
  4. User Requirements: Outlines age restrictions, personal/professional use, and account ownership.
  5. Disclaimer and Liability: Clarifies disclaimers of warranties and limitations on liability.
  6. Arbitration Agreement: Discusses dispute resolution through arbitration.
  7. Miscellaneous: Covers legal jurisdiction, copyright, and the company’s right to change these terms.

📋 Features

  • Membership Plans 📊
    • Mighty Media offers various membership plans, including subscriptions and one-time purchases.
    • Memberships renew automatically and must be canceled before the next billing period to avoid charges.
    • Some membership plans may have different conditions.
  • Billing and Payment 💳
    • Membership fees and related charges are billed monthly/yearly to the chosen Payment Method.
    • Payment dates may change under certain circumstances.
    • Multiple Payment Methods can be provided, and the primary method may be charged if the main one fails.
  • Refund Policy 🔄
    • Refunds are available for failed AI generations, subject to customer service approval.
    • A 72-hour risk-free refund is offered for subscriptions with specific conditions.
    • No refunds are provided outside of these cases.
  • User Requirements 👤
    • Users must be at least 18 years old, or the age of majority in their region.
    • The Mighty Media service is for personal or professional use and cannot be shared.
    • Account owners are responsible for account activity.
  • Disclaimer and Liability ⚖️
    • Mighty Media’s service is provided “as is” without guarantees of uninterrupted or error-free usage.
    • Mighty Media and its affiliates are not liable for personal injury or certain types of damages.
  • Arbitration Agreement ⚖️
    • Disputes are resolved through binding arbitration or small claims court.
    • Arbitration is subject to limited review by courts and includes a waiver of trial by jury.
    • This provision survives membership termination.
  • Miscellaneous 🧾
    • These terms are governed by Delaware laws without limiting consumer protection rights.
    • Mighty Media does not hold copyrights for AI-generated media.
    • Mighty Media may change these terms, with notice for existing members.
    • Electronic communication is the primary means of interaction with members.

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