Pricing: Paid
Type: Design Assistant
Starts: $299.99/mo
  • is a generative AI service that provides various media processing and generation capabilities.

Use Cases

  • Media processing and generation: allows users to process and generate different types of media using generative AI technologies.


  • Membership options: offers subscription-based memberships, one-time purchases, and free-to-use options.
  • Free trials and cancellations: First-time users can access free trials or utilize the option of free cancellation within a specific period.
  • Billing, payments, and cancellation: Membership fees and other charges are billed on a monthly/yearly basis. Users can update their payment methods and cancel their subscriptions at any time.
  • Failed AI generations: In cases where the AI models fail to produce satisfactory output, users can claim a refund by following specific steps outlined by the customer service.
  • 72-hour risk-free refund for subscriptions: Subscribers can request a full refund within 72 hours of subscribing if they have used less than 1/10th of the included subscription volume and meet other eligibility criteria.
  • Service agreement: Users must be at least 18 years old to become a member. The service is for personal or professional use only and should not be shared with others. Passwords and account access are the responsibility of the account owner.
  • Disclaimers and limitations: provides its service “as is” and does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free usage. Limitations on liability and disclaimers of warranties are in place, as permitted by applicable laws.
  • Arbitration agreement: Disputes between Mighty Media and members may be resolved through binding arbitration or small claims court, as outlined in the agreement.
  • Miscellaneous: The terms are governed by the laws of Delaware, USA. Copyrights for AI-generated media are not held by, and the service is not responsible for any copyright infringement. The terms and conditions are subject to change, and electronic communication is the primary means of contact with users.

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