Pricing: Free
Type: Education Assistant
Starts: $0/m

Conversly is a new language learning app that focuses on practicing conversations rather than just translating sentences. It offers various features to improve speaking and listening skills through engaging conversations with an advanced AI.

🗣️ Use cases

  • Talk to various characters
  • Practice speaking and listening
  • Engage in conversations with an AI powered by ChatGPT
  • Choose from four different conversational modes
  • Play Pass the Story and create stories together
  • Review mistakes with a single tap


  • 🗣️ Talk to various characters: Users can interact with different virtual characters to practice conversational skills.
  • 🎧 Practice speaking and listening: The app emphasizes improving speaking and listening abilities rather than solely focusing on translation.
  • 🤖 Engage in conversations with an advanced AI: Conversly uses an AI powered by ChatGPT to provide realistic and interactive conversations.
  • 🔄 Choose from four different modes of conversing: Users have the option to select from four conversational modes to tailor their language learning experience.
  • 📚 Play Pass the Story: Users can collaborate with the AI to create stories, taking turns to contribute to the narrative.
  • 📝 Review any mistakes with a single tap: The app allows users to easily review and learn from their mistakes by tapping on them

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