Pricing: Free Trial, Freemium
Type: Copywriting, SEO, Startup Tools
Starts: $7/m

Our AI content generator, Copify, streamlines content creation across 36 different types, offering SEO-optimized, plagiarism-free material in various languages. It ensures trust with sourced information, aids in breaking language barriers, and is designed for high SEO performance. Copify’s benefits include generating content like a copywriter, seamlessly working across languages, and providing up-to-date articles with fresh sources.

ūüöÄ Use Cases

  • Content Marketing:¬†Trustworthy content creation for various purposes.
  • Instagram Captions:¬†Craft scroll-stopping captions to engage users.
  • Google & Ads:¬†Develop effective and persuasive ads.
  • Social Media Posts:¬†Create compelling content for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.
  • Video Optimization:¬†Enhance visibility and engagement with optimized YouTube descriptions.
  • Blog Article:¬†Utilize smart AI tools for research and editing.
  • Email Copy:¬†Write compelling copy to convey messages effectively.

ūüĆź Features

  • AI Content Generator: Text & Image:¬†Generate SEO-optimized, plagiarism-free content quickly.
  • Multiple Languages:¬†Break language barriers, expanding reach globally.
  • SEO Performance:¬†Engineered for high SEO performance to reach target audiences.
  • Current Events Alignment:¬†Craft articles using the latest sources, staying aligned with current events.
  • Content Refresh:¬†Easily create unique text variations to avoid duplication.
  • Concise Summarization:¬†Summarize content for increased conciseness and effectiveness.
  • Trusted Information:¬†The only AI generator citing sources for credibility.

ūüĆü Plans & Pricing

  • Free 100 Credits:¬†Get started without requiring a card.
  • Monthly & Annual Plans:¬†Choose from three annual plans, each offering different credits and features.
  • Features Include:¬†Article writing tools, text to image generation, CEO-friendly advertisements, video timeline guidance, multi-language content creation.

ūüďĘ Testimonials

  • Engagement Boost:¬†“Copify makes it easy to explain my YouTube videos, increasing audience engagement.” – Emma L., Social Media Creator.
  • Sales Optimization:¬†“Incredible for optimizing product sales texts, helping me stay ahead of the competition.” – Liam G., Sales Representative.
  • Ease of Use:¬†“Excellent! A great tool for instantly creating product descriptions, SEO-friendly web texts, and social media posts.” – Alex M., E-commerce Manager.

ūüíį Save Time & Money

  • Efficiency:¬†Save time and money by leveraging the AI content generator for seamless and effective content creation.

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