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Cradle is a platform that helps biologists design improved proteins quickly using prediction algorithms and AI suggestions. It offers various features such as visualizing, analyzing, and predicting candidates’ potential, training AI models with wet lab results for continuous improvement, generating quality candidates in one click, and providing AI-assisted design tools for predicting protein structures, optimizing thermostability and codon usage, and more. Cradle also emphasizes privacy and security, giving users full ownership of their data and intellectual property.

💡 Use Cases

  • Protein Engineering: Cradle assists biologists in designing better proteins by providing prediction algorithms and AI design suggestions.
  • Ribonuclease Inhibitor: Cradle helps improve ribonuclease inhibitors, which are molecules that inhibit the activity of ribonucleases.
  • Save Time: The platform allows users to visualize, analyze, and predict candidates’ potential in one place, saving days of work.
  • Low Throughput, Big Results: Cradle can be used for any project, even without high throughput assays. It can deliver impressive results with just a 96 well plate.
  • Unlimited Candidates: Users can choose which aspects of their proteins to improve and generate quality candidates with a single click. They can iterate if the initial results are unsatisfactory.
  • AI-assisted Design Tools: Cradle offers various tools for protein design, including predicting 3D structures, optimizing thermostability, and codon optimization.

💡 Features

  • 16% Thermostability: Cradle provides models trained on large datasets to optimize the thermostability of proteins. The suggestions improve further with experimental feedback.
  • Codon Optimization: The platform optimizes protein codons for better expression using machine learning models trained on DNA-Protein sequence pairs from the host organism.
  • Improved Stability in Solvents: Cradle helps design proteins that perform better in harsh environments by enhancing their stability in solvents.
  • Enhanced Enzyme Performance: Users can improve the rate at which enzymes perform reactions, making them more efficient.
  • Optimized Specificity: Cradle assists in optimizing proteins for better fit and specificity, enhancing their interactions.
  • Increased Protein-Protein Interactions: The platform helps improve protein affinity to increase protein-protein interactions.
  • Simultaneous Phenotype Optimization: Users can set targets for multiple protein phenotypes, and Cradle’s models will find an optimum design solution.

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