Custom Story Creator

Custom Story Creator
Pricing: Freemium

The Custom Story Creator by XR Books is an AI-driven tool that allows users to generate unique graphic novels, comics, and anime based on personalized text prompts. It offers customization options, saving and exporting features, and both free and paid plans. The tool aims to unlock boundless creativity for storytelling enthusiasts.

🖌️ Use cases

  • Create tailor-made graphic novels, comics, and anime with personalized storylines.
  • Explore the immersive world of AI-crafted narratives and unleash creativity.
  • Customize and enhance generated novels with additional chapters or updates.
  • Share and print creations in various formats for easy distribution.


  • 🤖 AI-driven graphic novel creation: Generate unique visual narratives using advanced AI models.
  • 🎨 Customization options: Add new chapters, replace or update existing ones to tailor the generated novels.
  • 💰 Free and paid plans: Access to AI-generated features and advanced customization options in paid plans.
  • 💾 Saving and exporting: Save novels to your account or export them in various formats for sharing and printing.
  • 🎭 Genre options: Anime, comic books, children’s stories, with manga option coming soon

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