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Datature io
Pricing: Freemium
Type: Code Assistant, Developer
Starts: $ 249/mo

Datature is a platform that helps global companies and teams launch computer vision products faster and better. It offers an end-to-end, no-code MLOps platform for building computer vision applications. The platform allows users to collaborate, annotate, train, and deploy multiple computer vision models all in one place. It also provides powerful project management features and advanced annotation tools.

💡 Use Cases

  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare: Augment medical diagnosis with AI on MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays.
  • Retail & E-commerce: Improve inventory management and deploy autonomous checkouts.
  • Smart City: Build AI models for smart traffic grid, urban planning, and homeland security.
  • Utilities & Energy: Automate asset inspection and assessment for improved efficiency.
  • Agriculture: Maximize crop yield, monitor livestock health, and optimize land management.
  • Manufacturing & Construction: Increase production throughput, improve quality checks, and reduce workplace incidents.

💡 Features

  • Data Upload: Easily upload and manage datasets from your local drive or S3 bucket.
  • Image Annotation: Pixel-perfect data labeling with intuitive annotation tools.
  • Model Training: Build state-of-the-art computer vision models with configurable workflows.
  • Model Evaluation: Evaluate model performance with interactive metrics and visualizations.
  • Model Deployment: Deploy models via API or export them for inference in other applications.
  • Secure Infrastructure: Compliant and secure cloud platform with reliable storage and compute.
  • Use Case Examples: Real-world examples of computer vision models built using Datature.

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