Deepfake Generator

Deepfake Generator
Pricing: Freemium
Type: Generative Video
Starts: $24/m

Synthesia is a deepfake video maker tool that allows users to create professional videos quickly and easily. It offers a range of features, including a variety of AI avatars, voiceovers in multiple languages, text-to-video functionality, in-browser video editing, and more.

💡 Use cases

  • Text-heavy Difficult to read: Synthesia helps transform text-heavy content into engaging and easy-to-understand videos.
  • Basic format: Users can create videos from text without the need for actors, cameras, or microphones.
  • Interactive: The tool offers in-browser video editing, allowing users to add backgrounds, images, audio, and video elements to customize their videos.
  • Engaging: Videos created with Synthesia are visually appealing and have a professional look, increasing viewer engagement.
  • Professional-looking video: The tool enables the production of high-quality videos that can be up to 30 minutes long.
  • Video production at scale: Synthesia replaces the need for cameras and actors, saving time and costs on video production.
  • Synthesia Avatars: Users can choose from a diverse selection of AI avatars, including pre-built ones or create their own custom avatars.

🌟 Features

  • 85+ deepfake video presenters: Choose from a wide range of AI avatars for video presentations.
  • Generate voiceovers in 120+ languages: Easily create voice-overs in multiple languages by typing in the text.
  • Simple web-based application: Synthesia’s user-friendly platform allows for easy text-to-video conversion and editing.
  • Transform text to video: Upload or type in text, and the deepfake software will generate the video.
  • In-browser video editing: Customize videos by adding backgrounds, images, audio, and video elements directly within the application.
  • Video production at scale: Replace cameras and actors with AI technology, saving time and money on video production.
  • Synthesia Avatars: Access a growing selection of AI avatars and create custom avatars for personalized videos

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