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Type: Productivity, Sales

DemandCapture is an ABM solution that helps convert prospects into profit by delivering BANT-qualified appointments with key decision makers. It utilizes deep learning algorithms to identify prospects based on intent signals and engages them when they’re in-market, resulting in higher close rates. The platform offers customizable intent topics, actionable intent insights, and a pay-for-performance model.

💼 Use cases

  • Generating monthly buying signals worth 21.7B
  • Monitoring unique domains (39m) to bring companies into the pipeline

💡 Features

  • Deep learning algorithm: Identifies prospects based on intent signals
  • Deliver quality appointments: Funnels in-market, already interested prospects to the sales team
  • Engage Buyers Before your Competitors: Utilizes actionable, multi-layered intent specific to your solution
  • Pay-for-Performance: Only pay for meetings that occur with specific title paths at your targeted accounts
  • Vision Deep Learning Intent Algorithm: Processes behavioral data for precise, multi-layered client-specific intent insights
  • 90-second signal-to-contact SLA: Optimizes customer interactions by quickly identifying intent and delivering tailored messaging
  • <5% Cancel Rate: Ensures seamless scheduling while minimizing disruptions and enhancing productivity

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