Pricing: Freemium
Type: Research
Starts: $4.99/m

DeskSense is a powerful tool that helps users solve problems, write code, and enhance content creation. It offers features such as real-time insights, question-answering, content regeneration and summarization, saving and organizing content, complex Excel formulas, email communication assistance, marketing content ideation, coding solutions, social media post generation, and word count/auto-complete capabilities.

💡 Use Cases

  • Analyze Text from any Website for Relevant Answers
  • Get Answers to All Your Questions!
  • Regenerate and Summarize Answers!
  • Save the Answer and Favorite, Tag, Copy to Clipboard
  • Complex Excel Formulas
  • Email Communication
  • Marketing Content Ideation
  • Coding Solutions Made Easy
  • Social Media Posts
  • Desksense Engine
  • Word Count, Auto-complete, Add your own Prompts
  • Add & Edit Card
  • My DeskSense

💡 Features

  • Surf the web like a boss with real-time insights and info.
  • Ask any question and get suggestions or engage in conversations.
  • Regenerate and summarize content for easier understanding.
  • Save, favorite, tag, and copy content for easy access and organization.
  • Create complex Excel formulas and algorithms.
  • Improve email communication effortlessly.
  • Generate blog posts, articles, and social media ideas.
  • Get tailored code snippets to solve coding problems.
  • Create engaging social media posts and replies.
  • Enhance internet browsing experience with the Desksense Engine.
  • Enjoy word count, auto-complete, and personal prompt training features.
  • Utilize the Web APP for text-based AI content generation and editing.
  • Access and manage saved content with “My DeskSense.

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