Pricing: Paid
Type: Image Editing
Starts: $ 99.99/mo

⚙️ This text outlines the Terms of Use for Mighty Media LLC’s generative AI services, covering various aspects such as membership, billing, refunds, disclaimers, and arbitration agreements.

⚙️ Use Cases

  • Understanding the terms and conditions of using Mighty Media’s generative AI services.

⚙️ Features

  • Membership: Mighty Media offers subscription-based, one-time purchase, or free-to-use services with automatic renewals. Different membership plans and conditions may apply.
  • Free Trials and Cancellation: Users can start with a free trial or free cancellation, available to first-time users. Cancellation must be done to avoid billing after the trial period.
  • Billing, Payments, and Cancellation: Membership fees and related charges are billed on a monthly/yearly basis. Various Payment Methods are accepted, and users are responsible for updating them.
  • Failed AI Generations: In case of unacceptable AI outputs, users can request a refund or AI model re-run, subject to customer service’s decision.
  • 72-Hour Risk-Free Refund for Subscriptions: Subscribers can get a full refund within 72 hours if they’ve used less than 1/10th of their subscription volume and meet certain criteria.
  • Disclaimers and Limitations: Mighty Media provides services “as is” and does not guarantee uninterrupted usage. The company limits liability for damages and disclaims certain warranties.
  • Arbitration Agreement: Disputes between Mighty Media and US members are subject to binding arbitration or small claims court. This agreement waives the right to a trial by jury or class action.
  • Miscellaneous: The Terms of Use are governed by Delaware law, and Mighty Media can change these terms. Copyrights for AI-generated media are not held by Mighty Media.

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