Emai List Validation

Emai List Validation
Pricing: Freemium
Type: Email Assistant, Life Assistant
Starts: $39/mo

EmailListValidation.com provides email validation and cleaning services to protect email campaigns from toxic emails, verify email deliverability, and provide insights into email deliverability.

🛡️ Bulk Email List Cleaning Use cases

  • Avoid hard bounces, spam traps, and fake emails by verifying and cleaning up email lists
  • Hit the send button with confidence

📧 Real-time email verification Use cases

  • Verify the deliverability of any email address before it ends up in the database
  • Use API on websites, applications, or any marketing platform to prompt customers to fix typos in sketchy emails
  • Ensure only valid emails go to the contact database

🔍 Automated List cleaning Use cases

  • Fight database decay with Email List Validation’s auto verification service
  • Eliminate bad emails and export clean data back to CRM without any human involvement
  • Runs almost daily and immediately removes any email that turns bad

📥 Inbox Placement Use cases

  • Help figure out whether messages end up in the inbox or are marked as spam by mailbox providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and iCloud.

📝 Features

  • Upload or import email lists
  • Integrations with CRMs and marketing platforms
  • Auto cleaning process runs almost daily
  • Provides insights into email deliverability.

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