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Type: Life Assistant

Embra is an application that minimizes data footprint and keeps data local to the user’s computer. It is designed to earn user trust and does not sell user data. While currently in limited closed beta, Embra aims to improve its product on a daily basis.

đź’Ľ Use Cases

  • Business Onboarding: Embra is interested in onboarding entire businesses to its platform, offering priority access to those interested.

đź’ˇ Features

  • Data Handling: Embra is built to minimize user data footprint and keep data local to the user’s computer.
  • Data Security: Highlighted text and referenced websites are sent to secured servers, and user data is handled with care.
  • Partnership with OpenAI GPT API: Embra’s service is powered by the OpenAI GPT API, and anonymized message data is shared with them.
  • No User Data Sales: Embra does not sell any user data and does not support advertising-oriented business models.

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