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Almaya is a digital platform that allows users to create and preserve their life stories and experiences. It offers a unique and innovative way to connect with loved ones and oneself, providing a space for self-reflection and self-discovery. Users can record videos and audio answering prompts about their history, advice, joy, future plans, recipes, and wisdom. The content is saved in a secure and private manner, and users can choose who has access to their legacy. Almaya has received positive feedback from users who enjoy reliving memories, feeling closer to their loved ones, and learning new things about their families.

ūüé• Use Cases

  • Create an everlasting treasure:¬†Users can record their life experiences and create a digital legacy to be shared with loved ones.
  • Eternal Chat:¬†Almaya facilitates interactive conversations about what users have learned, allowing them to share their insights with loved ones.
  • Making forever possible:¬†Almaya enables users to save original content and level up their digital legacy through various levels and prompts.
  • Share forever:¬†Users can invite their loved ones to access their most valuable experiences, fostering a deeper connection.
  • 6 incredible categories of prompts:¬†Almaya provides prompts in six categories, including history, advice, joy, future, recipes, and wisdom, to inspire users’ content creation.
  • Preserve their precious story:¬†Almaya ensures that content saved on its platform is encrypted and securely stored.
  • Safe, private, and ad-free:¬†Almaya prioritizes user privacy, allowing users to choose who has access to their legacy, and never selling or sharing user data. The app is ad-free.

ūüé• Features

  • Unique and private Almaya:¬†Users can create their own personalized and private Almaya to store and share their life experiences.
  • Record and save content:¬†Users can record videos and audio to complete various levels and prompts, capturing their stories, anecdotes, advice, and life lessons.
  • Invite Loved Ones:¬†Almaya enables users to invite their loved ones to access their digital legacy, strengthening family connections.
  • What will my Almaya contain?:¬†Almaya prompts users to share their stories, advice, joy, future plans, recipes, and wisdom, creating a diverse and meaningful collection of content.
  • Secure and encrypted:¬†Almaya uses Amazon AWS encrypted technology to protect the content saved on its platform, ensuring the security of users’ information.
  • Choose access permissions:¬†Users have full control over who can access their Almaya, assigning specific access permissions to each piece of content.
  • Almaya PRO subscription:¬†Almaya PRO offers benefits such as unrestricted access to prompts, longer recording limits, the ability to upload videos from the gallery, access to ALMA (Almaya’s artificial intelligence), unlimited connected loved ones, and personalized support.

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