Feedback AI

Feedback AI
Pricing: Freemium
Type: Startup Tools
Starts: $ 25/mo

FeedbackByAI is a service that provides AI characters to answer questions based on predefined interests and the ChatGPT neural network. The service has more than 30 characters resembling real people and offers a simple pricing model based on credits. The service has usage limits to ensure safety and quality, and users can cancel their subscription at any time.

Use Cases

  • Seeking opinions and viewpoints on ideas or questions
  • Getting assistance in forming an opinion
  • Obtaining answers based on logic, statistics, and historical data


  • 🤖 AI characters resembling real people
  • 💡 Predefined interests for each character
  • 🎯 Answers based on the ChatGPT neural network
  • 💰 Simple credit-based pricing model
  • ⏰ Usage limits to maintain service integrity
  • ❌ Refunds not offered under the Refund Policy
  • 🔄 Easy cancellation of monthly/annually subscriptions

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