Fin AI bot

Fin AI bot
Pricing: Free
Type: Customer Support

Fin, powered by OpenAI, is an AI-driven solution that enhances customer support and engagement. It boasts impressive results, including a 50% resolution rate and significant reductions in conversation routing.

ūüíľ Use Cases

  • Enhanced Resolution:¬†Achieves a remarkable 50% resolution rate in customer support.
  • Efficiency Improvement:¬†Successfully resolves 42% of conversations within six days.
  • Reduced Workload:¬†Decreases conversation routing by 40% in just two weeks.
  • Automated Support:¬†Increases automated resolution rate from 18% to 29% within the first week.
  • User-friendly Implementation:¬†Quick and easy setup with minimal configuration required.
  • Content Enhancement:¬†Rephrases help content for better user understanding.
  • Engagement Boost:¬†Delivers double-digit gains in engagement and resolution rates.

ūüöÄ Features

  • No Training Needed:¬†Requires no training or complex configuration.
  • Customization:¬†Easily customize and preview Fin to fit your specific needs.
  • Intelligent Controls:¬†Configure multiple Fin AI bots with rules and targeting.
  • Handoff Capabilities:¬†Seamlessly handoff to support teams, other bots, or Zendesk/Freshdesk.
  • Conversational Design:¬†Holds complete conversations and asks clarifying questions.
  • Multilingual Support:¬†Offers multilingual capabilities.
  • Measurement and Reporting:¬†Provides usage metrics, ROI metrics, custom reporting, and CSV downloads.
  • Integration:¬†Integrates with over 400 apps, including popular messaging platforms.
  • Customizable Appearance:¬†Rename Fin, personalize Fin Messenger, and customize the Fin icon.
  • Pay-Per-Resolution:¬†Cost-effective pricing model, paying only for resolved conversations

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