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Pricing: Freemium
Type: Education Assistant

Spaced Repetition made simple with AI – Flashwise creates study decks in seconds, coving any subject, topic and education level. Use the Smart Deck Tool or the Flashwise Bot to generate flashcards, study with spaced repetition in app and ace those exams!

Flashwise – Smarter StudyingSummary

  • 🎓 AI Powered Learning
    • Flashwise utilizes the latest AI technology to make learning effortless.
    • Generate study sets in seconds with the Flashwise AI Bot.
    • Flashcards are created instantly, enhancing your learning experience.
  • 🔄 Spaced Repetition
    • Flashwise intelligently adapts to your progress.
    • Difficult concepts are reviewed more frequently, while mastered ones are strategically spaced.
    • Scientifically proven technique for long-term retention and subject mastery.
  • 💲 Our Pricing
    • Subscriptions available through the Flashwise App.
    • Free
      • Monthly billing with one trial AI deck included.
      • Unlimited Manual Decks and Spaced Repetition Studying.
    • Plus
      • Monthly subscription with 8 AI Decks per month, Ad Free Studying, and Offline Study Mode.
    • Pro
      • Monthly subscription for hardcore studiers with 20 AI Decks, Ad Free Studying, Offline Study Mode, and Early Access to New Features.

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