Food for Blood Pressure

Food for Blood Pressure
Pricing: Free
Type: Healthcare
Starts: $0/m is a personalized digital assistant that helps manage high blood pressure through customized meal plans and recommendations. By collecting personal and health-related data, the platform assesses current eating habits, provides personalized meal plans, and improves user experience.

ūüí° Use cases

  • Health monitoring:¬†Assessing current eating habits related to blood pressure management.
  • Personalized meal plans:¬†Generating custom meal plans tailored to individual needs.
  • Recommendations:¬†Providing personalized recommendations to improve blood pressure management.

ūüí° Features

  • Data collection:¬†Collecting personal and health-related data such as age, gender, weight, body height, medication usage, chronic illnesses, dietary habits, and preferences.
  • Purposeful data collection:¬†Using the collected data to assess eating habits, provide personalized meal plans, and improve services.
  • Data processing and security:¬†Processing data only during active sessions and implementing appropriate measures to ensure data security.
  • User rights:¬†Granting users the right to access, modify, or delete personal data during active sessions.
  • Consent withdrawal:¬†Allowing users to withdraw consent at any time by closing the active session.
  • Privacy commitment:¬†Assuring users that personal information is not stored, ensuring confidentiality and security.
  • Customized digital assistant:¬†Offering a personalized digital assistant for evaluating eating habits and providing answers to food and beverage-related questions.

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