Pricing: Free
Type: Developer
Starts: $0/m is an AI-powered tool designed to assist developers in troubleshooting error messages on their Mac. It utilizes computer vision, OpenAI’s LLMs, OCR technology, and automatic categorization to provide context-specific fixes, access summarized stories with screenshots, recall information on screen contents, and categorize stories for easy retrieval.

⚙️ Use cases

  • Helping developers work efficiently across multiple applications
  • Providing a memory layer to capture significant moments from their work


  • 📷 Computer vision and OpenAI’s LLMs: The tool understands what is on the screen and offers context-specific fixes.
  • 📚 Memory layer: Users can access a summarized story with screenshots of the most important moments from their recent work.
  • 🔍 OCR: Quickly retrieve information about the contents on the screen.
  • 🗂️ Automatic categorization: Stories are organized into sections, making it convenient to locate the needed information.
  • 🧪 Private beta phase: Interested users can request to be notified when the tool becomes available for wider release

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